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South Woodstock Vermont

Diana Brown’s VT Standard Article 6/12

Therese Fullerton wanted folks to know how proud she is of her grandson Eric Schulz (daughter Denise & Dick’s youngest son) who just graduated from Woodstock Union High School. Eric also attended Hartford Vocational (Hartford Area Career and Technology Center). At their Student Awards Banquet May 27th, he received 2 awards, the first a monetary award the other in Industrial Mechanics & Welding. His future plans include the forestry program at the University of New Hampshire.

The following is other graduate news as we have heard or garnered through the grapevine:

Here at WHS, graduating along with Eric Schultz are Jameson Lewis, grandson of Nancy and Bob Lewis, and Hilary List, Tom and Cindy’s younger child.

We also learned that Kealor Mears recently graduated from The Middlesex School.

Our college news includes graduate Christy McCuaig from Tufts University in Boston.

Ashley Vutech is spending time overseas in Sweden working on internships with Ikea and H & M. She is part of a very select group from Johnson and Wales, where she will be a junior.

And congrats go to Sumner Ford home from St. Lawrence University for participation in the Half Bridges Race a few weeks ago.

Your reporter promised an update on the tours of The Kedron Valley Dairy. Taking advantage of the numbers of people attending Community Day, the new Kedron Valley Dairy on Church Hill Road will be holding an open house on the morning of Saturday, June 19th, From 11 am until 1pm. We understand you will be able to tour the facility and view a few of the very young calf additions to the heard.

As part of the “South Woodstock Community Day”, The Perkins Academy will also be highlighting its newly restored Weaving Loom. Elvira Bagley Holmes, a resident of South Woodstock, gave the loom to Miss Mary Fullerton, the last headmistress of the Academy. The Academy closed in 1898 and upon the building becoming a community historical museum; Ms. Fullerton had the loom placed in the 2nd floor room of the Academy and often gave classes to teach local children how to use the loom. The room is now referred to as Miss Mary’s Room. Linnea Thompson, Academy Board member coordinated the restoration project with weavers Andy and Jane Bird.

We would be remiss in not welcoming the new owners of The Kedron Valley Inn, Peter Sharp and Jeff Farrar to the hamlet of South Woodstock.  We wish them much success and urge South Woodstockers to patronize the tavern and restaurant.

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